Unique Hot Tub Features | Regency Spas


The Regency Collection by Coast Spas is specially adapted for the variable British climate. Our Hot Tubs are manufactured from the highest quality branded materials and parts at Coast Spas Manufacturing plant in Langley, British Columbia, Canada. Coast Spas have been exporting their hot tubs for 25 years and are known throughout the world for their innovation, guarantees and leadership in the industry.


The Regency Collection hot tubs are manufactured in Vancouver, Canada by Coast Spas, one of the industry’s leading hot tub manufacturer’s renowned for offering quality and reliability with a model to suit every lifestyle and budget. Handcrafted using premium components and available with all the latest features and innovations.

All cabinets and shells are designed to withstand our harsh climate and are proven to last beyond 15 years. Coast Spas use materials from sustainable and accountable North American manufacturers and are known throughout the industry as the World’s Best Built Spas.

Coast Spas are genuinely the most efficient hot tubs available. Insulated to new ultra-efficient home standards, we can guarantee proven all year round running costs. Our hot tubs are designed to be enjoyed 365 days a year - especially during the cold winter months as this is definitely a magical time to relax in your spa.

Built To Last

Coast Spas’ unique hot tub shells are comprised of the finest Acrylic, vinyl ester skin coat and multiple layers of hand rolled fiberglass. In fact, they use the highest quality fiberglass in the industry, Owens Corning™. The fiberglass is formulated with special resins that is hand rolled 8 to 14 layers (dependent on particular model series) onto the acrylic.

To provide even more superior reinforcement strength, Coast Spas use 11⁄4-inch Steel Angle iron strategically encapsulated in high pressure areas, making Coast Spas the strongest built spa shell in the industry. Coast Spas stand behind their product proudly by providing a lifetime structural warranty on your spa shell.

Automatic Self-Dosing Bromine System

Every spa has our patented self-dosing system built right into the spa. Each spa has a hidden Bromine cartridge that controls the bacteria in the water, as well as a Mineral cartridge which is a water and skin softener. This system will continually clean and polish the water through the cartridges, so you can just relax in the spa every day without any worry! This is also great if you go away for a few weeks, or are unsure on how often you are going to use the spa as the spa water is still being dosed even when you are not using it which is very important!

What are the benefits of using our patented system?

  • Uses up to 80% less salt, chlorine and other additives compared to normal spas.
  • Very low maintenance so you enjoy your spa.
  • Helps to prevent skin and eye irritations.
  • Long lasting water compared to traditional spas.
  • Easy to use.
  • Softer water due to using minerals and low bromine.
  • Reduces odours and leaves water crystal clear.
  • 30% less corrosive than chlorine and salt systems.


The Only Hot Tub That Cleans Itself™ Filtration

Due to our Hydro-Cyclonic Filtration, unlike any other manufacturer, all of our spas pass strict health and hygiene guide lines. Unlike all other portable hot tubs, the Regency Spas filter is enclosed away from the bathing area. We have the best proven and approved water care system in the industry. While sitting in your spa water, you will have peace of mind knowing that all of the toxins, hair and body products that end up around the filter are completely separate to the spa water.

Unlike other spas where the filter is housed inside the bathing area, the filter can be removed at any time, without the unwanted pollutants, that have been gathering in the filter, returning into the spa water. This is tried and tested as the best filtration system in the industry, 83% faster and 23% more efficient than the average skimmer filtration offering the cleanest, clearest spa water in the industry.

  • Minimal maintenance & chemical consumption
  • Less water changes meaning reduced running costs
  • Cleaner, clearer water
  • More hygienic, and safer than the average skimmer filtration
  • More space in the bathing area, as the filter does not sit in there with you
  • Self-Cleaning
  • Adheres to strict health and safety regulations


Zone Therapy

The Regency Spas are linked with the Arthritis Society in Canada so all the jets are accented for easy use. They are also interchangeable so you can move the jets to suit your massage, and control the power of the massage just by turning the jet.

Whether diminishing the stresses of everyday life, healing a sports injury, relieving aching joints and stiff muscles due to arthritis or simply letting you achieve a good night’s sleep – your Regency Collection hot tub can offer you an unrivalled hydrotherapy experience.

More jets does not necessarily mean a more effective massage. Precisely locating the correct size jet and massaging action, where they are most effective, is key to relieving pain and stiffness throughout the entire body. The Regency Spas feature strategically positioned jets to target specific muscle groups that sports and medical therapists focus on for physical rehabilitation and massage therapy.

Visuals & Comfort
  • Underwater Colour Changing Lighting
  • Plush Headrests *model dependant
  • Waterfalls
  • Handrail *model dependant
  • Drinks Holders
  • Nonslip Foot Well
  • Multi-Level Seating
  • Non-Float Lounger (*model dependant)
  • Wraparound Bucket Seats
  • Accented Interchangeable Jets


Hot Tub Environment

Our lighting systems feature the brightest, most brilliant, reliable prisms in the industry. The fantastic colour underwater lights reflect beautifully against the water to create a soothing and sensual ambience. The results are truly spectacular with a colour changing option to enhance your mood.

  • Sound
  • Visual
  • Lights
  • Waterfalls


Go-Green 100% Energy Efficiency Insulation

The solid structure and Insulock design in Regency Spas hot tubs allows for complete service of the entire structure and all mechanical parts. Our triple layered Go Green Insulation retains the hot tub water temperature throughout the seasons of the U.K. climate.

How Does Go Green 4 Insulation Work?

We have lined the inside of the hot tub cabinet with a reflective foil faced insulated foam board. The foam helps to retain the temperature of the water in your hot tub by not allowing warm air lost from the hot spa water to escape through the hot tub cabinet. The foil face reflects the warm air back towards the shell itself meaning if heat is lost through the shell this energy is reused to within the cabinet to keep the water hot tub water warm.

To complete the Go Green Insulation technology there is a layer of polyurethane foam sprayed onto the back of the hot tub shell which reduces the possibility of heat loss through the shell and secures all of the jet sockets decreasing the chance of potential leaks. With our Heat Saver spa Cover, which is included with every Regency Spa and Swim Spa, 94.9% of all the energy used by the hot tub is retained within the hot tub shell while the cover is fitted and the spa is running.

Essentially with our Go Green Insulation the spa can be serviced and brought back to factory specifications right in your back garden, if ever there is an issue. This is not possible with conventional foam filled hot tubs. We call this feature “appliance grade”. We think it is important to consider the serviceability of your hot tub, just as you would in any other home appliance.