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The UK's #1 Hot Tub & Dealer Opportunity

A special collection of hot tubs manufactured by Coast Spas® of Canada. Coast Spas® has been a leader in hot tub innovation since inception.

In fact, the Coast Spas® Brand began due to the lack of innovation in the hot tub industry. The founders knew that hot tubs had so much more to offer than the bare-bones models that existed before. Coast Spas® was born to change the face of the industry, and have done just that.

One of the first manufacturers to be recognized for high quality standards with ISO 9001:2008 certification.

“Quality shall, in every case, take precedence over quantity”

Constant innovation and advancement is motivated by knowing that what Coast Spas® do, and how they do it, truly makes a difference in the lives of your customers.

Marketing support is essential to your Hot Tub business and as a Regency Spas Hot Tub Dealer you can benefit from real support:

  • Effective marketing campaigns in leading publications that bring customers to your to your business.
  • In-store merchandising to show off the full product range.
  • In-depth product and technical service training.
  • Most importantly, Regency Spas are carefully engineered for the UK climate and built with many features which are based on genuine customer feedback.

Want to become a Regency Collection Dealer?